In this fast-changing world, what technical and digital skills should a marketing MBA graduate possess?

My answer to In this fast-changing world, what technical and digital skills should a marketing MBA graduate possess?

Answer by Omkar Nath Nandi:

At Extensive Ideas Academy, we bring the Best digital marketing training for you at a cost that is path breaking and unthinkable in current pricing across the world. In this changing world, you need to be a multi-tasker. Knowing additional skills always adds to your CV. Now how you will evaluate what is required? It needs an introspection and evaluation of the current job and where you want to place yourself in future. With the current growing trend of digitization, it is certain that the businesses which are not digital will face the problem. The problem will be in handling the digital growth of the company, managing digital infrastructure and communicating with the people engaged in this task. As we can see there are many areas where a company need to invest in digital growth, and they are:

1. Search Engine Optimisation

2. Social Media Optimization

3. Branding through high-quality Graphical representation

4. Invest in PPC ads for the search engine.

5. Invest in PPC ads for social media.

6. Generate more visitors to the company’s website.

7. Create more lead and orders.

8. Create a credible Video representation.

9. Build a Content Outreach plan.

10. Build strong presence across many websites.

11. Develop a plan to tackle any sabotage or attack on companies digital presence.

12. Analyse the growth and predict the future growth so work can focus accordingly.

With so many areas to monitor and much more coming it’s necessary to learn and understand the digital marketing for any MBA in marketing or other specializations.

With the digital marketing knowledge you may want to expand your knowledge towards enhanced analytics or other such areas, so for that also many advanced analytics courses are now introduced.

Along with this project management qualification is critical and adding the same certification also adds a lot of value to your skill and working knowledge.

As the world depends on projects based work allocation and having such a qualification will make sure you get the top priority in any companies evaluation of workforce. Beyond this, an individual needs to analyse what is the requirement and what he needs and take a decision appropriately. There are a lot of innovative courses available in the market. But be careful while choosing the institute and give priority to the self-studies as they are the best bet for a working professional to upgrade knowledge and take the wise decision.

In this fast-changing world, what technical and digital skills should a marketing MBA graduate possess?


Author: omkarnn

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